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- Drop of Water - Very ?????

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Stay with this one until the visual part begins. Beautiful science. And YES I have way to much time on my hands ....... but watch the video any way !

- Drop of Water -
Watch the 2-minute video that shows a drop of water falling into a puddle at 2000 frames a second. You will see something totally unexpected.

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Wow, slo mo pretty cool
Amazing, love science. Did you notice the waves created from the drop hitting the water, at 2000 FPS they must be moving at incredible speeds
High speed video is awesome. It's amazing to see some of the stuff that happens way too fast otherwise.
I used a similar camera a couple of years ago for work and spent more time after-hours trying all sorts of stuff. (At $5k a week to rent, why not)
Cool was hitting a water balloon with a dart and watching the skin peal away a leave a ball of water hanging there or a firecracker go off in slo mo

What was missing in the attached explanation was that the re-collapse of the hole formed by the water droplet provides the pinch mechanism and itself can create a jet of water coming back up larger than the original droplet, depending on the initial speed of the droplet. Note that the syringe was close to the surface. Rain drops would impact with much higher velocities and a different phenomena results.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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