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Drum Questions - and Answers!!!

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While I would say that I am by far not the best drummer in Cape May, we do hold our own out there:thumbsup:

Its that time of year when all the drum posts start to appear.

I just wanna say, i am a much better talker than typer:huh:. If anyone has a question or just wants a few pointers, feel free to give me a call. I'm sure I won't have all the answers, but hopefully I can get you pointed in the right direction.

If I can talk, I will. I was on the phone the other night for an hour with a guy named Bob who is just starting out. Have no idea who he is, but now have a new friend, and that's what its all about:thumbsup: Please remember though that I am starting to get my boat ready for the season, so if I can't talk, leave me a message and I will call you back.

Once again, not claiming to be even close to the best, just trying to help out is all, and I talk way better than I type:D

Capt Dave
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Hear a ? do you want to use to anchors when drum fishing.
yes , infact you don't want your bait to move at all. so some guys including myself . will put a one ounce inline sinker just a few inches up the leader from the bait. along with you sinker to get it to the bottom , this second sinker will keep the bait still when the current is ripping. so always anchor for drum.
for you either Maurice river cove , or cape may, In the river stay in the center and follow your buoy's There is very shallow water in front of east point light house , but the mouth of the river is very wide, there is plenty of room to run. Cape may is the cm canal. Stay in the center and when passing the ferry's stay close to the ferry's The far side of the canal across from the ferry's is a mud flat. Once in the bay , just keep a sharp eye for crab pot buoys' and stakes, and of course anything that may be floating. But that can happen anywhere. Some people may tell you to drop in from bidwell creek, I would say into you get to know the area , that would be my last choice since drum fishing means you may be coming in after dark or in low light that place the entry into the creek is the trickiest by far. If you have a chartplotter and you be careful you will be fine at anyone of the points of entry.
pigpen on 82
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