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drum recipies ?

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tell me your best ones
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drum parmagion my only one
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I am sure some of these would work - just add
Drumfish ;)
BassBarn Recipe Page
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Taste like chicken !! Threw some on the bbq and put some bbq sauce on it and it was pretty good , sliced thin !!Wife aked me ,what did you cook, chicken?? Not much taste to it ,so whatever flavor you go for,try it !!
Basted and slow cooked on hand turned spit.Whole of course. Get Matt to do the turnin!!!
Almost forgot Fin, its your pick of stuffins.
Are there any real recipes? All I have found are jokes...........

None listed on the bass barn recipe page are for Drum
Cook it like veal or pork chops. You cannot go wrong!
Dip the fillets in egg batter.
Roll the fillets in bread crumbs.
Cook in pan with olive oil.
Drink red wine.

Amazing meal.
bgreene, thats the ticket!!
bgreen, tried the same, but added a little Old Bay to the bread crumbs. It was outstanding. Four minutes on each side, all it took.
Try the food network Sara's recipe for halibut provicial. I cooked some blackies this way and it was delicious. Just add wine to the sauce, she doesn't call for it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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