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I am buying a new trailer this morning. I have an older galvanized E-Z loader roller trailer that currently has a 17' Mako on it. It is in decent shape, but was considering making restorative repairs like new springs or maybe a new axle etc. Have been doing this over the past few years just as a precaution. For example I have replaced the(15") tires last year, Have new lights. We historically have only used it once a season down to the shore and once a season back, so the tires have only about 250 miles on them. We are deciding to buy new because the trailer was bought as a used package several years ago and does NOT have a title to it. I have also been told that a bunk trailer is probably better for our needs because the boat spends about 50 weeks a year on the trailer and is only used a couple of weeks on vacation.The age is of the trailer is probably about 20 years old.
I am in Chester County PA. 610-644-2207 or cell 610-283-9513 if interested. I will try to post pictures later.
Bob at Rampage gave me a great offer with a very nice price. Thanks Bob.However I decided to buy locally ( 2 miles from home) to facilitate the transfer of the boat from the old to the new trailer and to avoid driving 100 miles and then having two trailers in Jersey. This is not even my boat, but was helping a friend out who generously let's my family share the use of this boat on vacations!
Will listen to offers of the old trailer. It would be perfect for someone who leaves their boat in a marina or slip and needs a place to store it off season....
1 - 6 of 7 Posts
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