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Early season Weakfish spots?

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What characteristics do you guys find in the structure at the spots you are currently catching weakfish at? I know they seem to be more active in backwaters farther from the inlet. Is it shallow water, shellbeds, dropoffs, or bridges or a combination. Thanks for any input.
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I like to find shellbeds or any kind of structure that could hold fish.
You really answered your own question...Weakfish love structure and like to feed in quiet waters...
Primary a night feeder but I have taken some very nice one's in the daylight,mostly early mornings and evenings...They will position themselves around bridge pilings waiting for baitfish to come to them during both the outgoing and incoming tides,the best bite is when the tide is running its hardest...They also love to set up on the shallow shellbeds as the tide rises too..
And will also hold in dropoffs closer to the inlets at times, and feed in the surf when its calm...And the action around Jetty's can just get awesome in the Spring.. So you can see its definetly a Structure deal with them....
I guess I was refering to the backbay weakfish that seem to start up well before the jetties and even the shellbeds start up. I am sure this is because of water temps and possibly even spawning grounds back there. I have caught plenty of weakfish from jetties and shellbeds. But I have never done well on the early season tiderunners in the back bays. They were the fish that got me hooked on fishing when i was a kid and the last couple years i haven't done very well on them. Just was curious what to look for in the back there. I pretty much fish all at night. Thanks
Also when targeting them this time of year near bridges are you guys fishing the shadow line like you would for bass or more say the bridge pilings and keeping it towards the bottom? Thanks
I would work the shadow lines and keep it close to the bottom. Depending on current I would normally use a 1/2 oz. bucktail with purple worm w/ a white twister tail. This seemed to work well for me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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