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Fished the 10,000 Islands for 8 days. The first day I landed my first permit along with jacks,trout, lady fish and a small black grouper. The permit went 8 lbs and hit a chartruece grubtail fished downtide of a rock pile. Played around with small tarpon on the river going 4/8 with the biggest weighing about 18 lbs. They were suckers for a live shrimp fished under a cork along side the boats that were tied up. Went looking for snook, but the water was cold (58 degrees). Got one small one on a silicone mullet cast into the mangroves and another two on red and white mirrolures. We trolled Aceta spoons for the big boys, but they would come out of the roots to play.
Found nice 8-10 lb redfish feeding in 6 inched of water the last few days and blackened a few slots for dinner. They liked the grub tails and shrimp too, but ignored flys. Other fish caught included; a 3 lb flounder, plenty of big jack crevalle, sheepshead and a quick shot at spanish macks.
Stayed on the Barron River and sat on the porch overlooking the docks every night watching the manatee and porpoise.

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