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Everyone Should Read This

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I just wanted to bring this to light. Yesterday a buddy of mine was fishing in his boat about 2 miles off of Sea Isle. The schools of bunker were thick enough to walk across the water. All of a sudden he hears a plane and sees it circling overhead. The next thing he knows 3 large commercial netters show, all about 70' and a fourth ship that was huge. They proceeded to net all the schools of bunker. This was a reduction fleet. It is illegal for them to be inside the 3 mile line and they were. I think we as rec. fisherman need to make some noise before we have no more reason to fish.
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I would have to agree with you 100%. Any chance you got the names of any of the boats?
Did your buddy call the State Police or a CO when he saw this happening?
A few years ago I was fishing with my father off Stone Harbor and a similar thing happened. There wasn't a plane or anything, but we were running out Hereford and saw the boats up to the north so we cruised on up. We took 20 minutes of video of them hauling in fish (within 1.5 miles, and also kept showing our GPS and Loran readings to verify the distance. You could see the convent right behind them in some of the pictures, close as can be. Got the names of all the boats, and close-ups of all the crew (including some really pissed off captains!)

Turned it all over to the police and they ended up getting nailed. They tried to claim the wind threw them off their course and they didn't realize they were that close.
SIMike, Did your buddy make the call??
I'm with the others. Did he call??

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I hope he did call I would also like him to know that not every boat on the ocean is a reduction boat.

Please read the Thread in the Striper Forum.
The call should go to Coast Guard on channel 16
Willy Does that go the same for when they start poaching in a few days. Heck 16 would be real funny then.

Glass houses don't always have a good view.
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