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Excellent article in ASA's Angler Mag

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I thought Gary Caputi's article entitled "Stupid Bait Tricks" in this months Angler Magazine was very informative and a great off season read.

I can't wait to try them for myself.

It's particiarly interesting to read his findings on live bunker versus somewhat live bunker versus freshly caught "heads".

Also shows the importance of fresh baits!!!
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I second that! Almost like Gary stold my notes :D I don't like the circles only cause I feel cheated without the hook set but they will save you from some striper rash on your hands with the gut hooks.

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Glad you liked it. Not bad for an "outdoor rider." Hehe!

Did you catch the whole three part series? The latest issue is the last one and concentrated specifically on heads. I've been screwing around with bunker live, dead and otherwise, for years. First bunker trip I ever made was "bunker dunking" off the old Golf Ball at Sandy Hook in '74, but the last four springs have been nothing short of spectacular.

I started getting more comfortable with the circles when I got my hands on really big ones. The 9/0 Gamakatsu Octopus circles work well, specifically in the heads. I use them in live baits, but only if I am going to take the time to use a bridle. Otherwise its freshwater bronze trebles in the nose or back.

As for striper rash, with the size of the fish we were releasing this year it's more like having all the skin stripped off your hands in big chunks. I started wearing gloves to remove hooks inside mouths. In the small bass the jaws are like 220, but in the big ones it's equivalent to 40 grit in a belt sander.
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