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favorite baitcasters for stripers

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what are some of your favorite baitcasters for stiprers? i am looking for one that i can chunk with and also throw a 1/2oz or a 1oz bucktail with. was looking at the new penn 965 and 975. all opinions appriciated. thanks
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If you can afford it, go with the Calcutta 400s from Shimano (without the level wind). You will not be disappointed. Check ebay.
If I was a righty - I'd definitely consider the Penns. I fished a 965 chunking in 01' and really liked the reel but I'm lefty and dont like levelwinds in Salt.

- so I fish an Avet Sx 5.1 and a Accurate 197.

The Avet is my go to - esy to use - smooth - like lever drag WAY better than star.

The Accurate is for serious chunkin - like tourneys - I call it the winch.
Ugly stick 6'-6" MH action Penn 5500SS spooled with 15" clear Ande.
I have grown to love my Avet sx. It took a bit of getting used to but it has served me well this fall.
thanks guys...i jus looked and i like avet the calcutta is a little much...still likeing the penn tho...will the penn and avet be able to get light lures out there? sorry if this seens like a restated question
and are there any stores around the philly area with all the reels? or in south jersey? thanks
did you check with barn sponsors east coasst tackle or james tackle?

I have the 965 s and 975(1 levelwind,1 without)

Just picked up a Shimano tekota as well.

I dont think the penns are worth the $$ but are solid reels with parts and mechanics available to fix if needed.

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Have both the Penn 965 which is my go to rips reel and the Penn 975ld which is my go to chunking reel. I was like you and couldnt decide so I bought both and am glad I did. Both reels are great the 965 with the star drag is light, powerful and you can cast a mile. The 975 lever drag you can pre set the drag and adjust according to the current and the fish with your thumb. It has the power to catch the bigguns. But if I only had to pick one I would prob pick the 965 only because the 975ld might be a little big for the smaller rip fish, but can handle the bigger cows.
thanks guys keep them coming
I also use an Abu Garcia 6500 cl big game. It cast very smoothly and is my 2nd setup on the boat.
#1 choice is Calcutta 400 levelwind w/50 lb Power Pro. ;) #2 choice is Abu 7000 levelwind w/65 lb Power Pro.
I had a Penn 975 and got rid of it due to mechanical problems. :mad: I like the Avets but but I LOVE levelwinds when using Power Pro or any braided line. No cutting fingers if the levelwind guides the line onto the reel! :eek: :D ;)
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I have two Penn 965 International baitcasting reels that have done quite well catching striped bass (drifting eels, chunking, bucktailing and swinging the iron). They have also caught tunafish and seabass. They are warhorses.

I also have a Shimano Calcutta 700S that I use for offshore seabassing, chunking (tuna and stripers) and bluefishing.

Nevertheless, I have impure thoughts when I lust after a Calcutta 400 for light tackle striped bass fishing. The machining remains superior to the Penns. While Penn has NE Philly to support their product, Shimano has Fishermans HQ (Ship Bottom) and the place on Rt 130 to provide oustanding customer service (I had two TLDs blow up on me).

The Pez Machine has a few Calcutta TEs and the whiffle spools make casting a pleasure. Your carpal tunnel (driven by online posting) will appreciate the extra investment.
These are two completely different strategies and really require different reels.

For the bucktail you can't beat the abu line, 6500 best all around size

For chunking, the king is a small LD, whether it be an avet, accurate, penn or shimano, they all do equally well...

If you want to be around $200 for the reel, you can buy a penn 320LD for chunking and a basic ABU 6500 for casting. You have to carry two rods and spend a couple of extra bucks to buy them but before it's done you'll see the 965 or 975 isn't a do it all...
I hane 3 400 calcuttas and 1 700 for eelin and chunking. I also have one 965 that never gets used because there is always something wrong with it. Shimano is far superior for this size reel. For tuna I like the penn internationals I have 5 30 tw & 3 50tw. They work great !!
Avet SX is a great reel but does require some practice for good casting. The spool fly's and has no braking other then the drag. I would mag the reel if you'll be doing alot casting with it, big difference.
i'm with darrin on this one. i'd suggest two reels. a penn 965 costs about $210 new. for a few dollars more than that, you could be an abu 6500 c3 for about $65-$70 to use for casting 1/2 to 1 oz lures, and a shimano tekota for $155 or so for your chunking.

two different reels that you can use, and put them on two different rods. that way, you are set for whatever action you find.

i have a 965 that i thought that i'd use for casting, but i hate it unless i'm throwing 2 ozs or more. my abu 6500 is perfect for light jigs and plugs, and you can customize this to your needs (ie...magnets for cast control, power handles, smoothie drags, etc.)

spend the extra $20 or so and get yourself two reels. you won't be sorry.
I fish an Avet Sx 5.1
Calcutta 400s from Shimano
That what I use and absoultly love them
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