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FCL LABO SL jigs are one of the most sought-after jig among tuna jig fishermen.
But unfortunately a few shops import knock-off SL jigs to take advantage of the popularity.
To compete with them, I had to ask FCL LABO to make our jigs different.
I observed that chrome and pink colors with dot glow back worked best for bluefin in NC last year.
So all the SL jigs I ordered have chrome or pink color with dot glow back.
I think at least this season is safe as it takes time for them to send a jig to China to make exact copies of the jigs.:)

We experienced strong current in NC last year. So I added more 340g FCL LABO SL jig this time.
They start to catch bluefin in NC now and I am driving down to NC to fish on Sat.

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