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Finally a Fishing Report!!!!

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Yeah- we caught some fish.....sorry to say they were a little further South.

Took the family to sunny FLA this week. Got a chance to fish the flats around Boca Grande, Florida with the kids.

Took my two oldest, TJ and Juliana, for a morning of live bait fishing. We had great 82 degree weather with lots of sunshine.

We used live pilchards and little herring type baits to drum up some nice skinny water action with 24 fish total. We caught spanish mackerel, redfish, and snook. The kids had a ball and impressed me by hooking, fighting, and landing each fish on their own!!! Now they are ready for the striper season.

Here are TJ and Julie fishing the bow.

Here are a few of our keepers- along with Capt Eddie

And here is a pic of me with my first keeper Snook. What a nice fight these babies give on light tackle.

All in all a great Vacay. My little boy- Timmy(4) was upset that he did not get to tag along on this trip so we got him a Spiderman combo and hit the pond behind the in-law's Condo and he had an absolute BALL catching tons and tons of BlueGills. He is stoked for the season now!

Well- boat goes in the water tomorrow. What a great splash day with 25-30knots w#$ds forecasted. Better days are coming.

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BTW- two other fishing related stories from down there.

We hit the Venice Jetty- South and there are always a ton of guys fishing there- mostly small lures and jigs, sand fleas, and shrimp. Saw quite a few Sheepshead caught. While we were there- a school of Jacks pushed a pod of mullet into the rocks in a frenzy. It was a sight!!! Mullet were jumping out of the water and thrashing into the rocks as they were chased by these speed demons. One guy hooked up to one of them, but the fish quickly sped away and broke his line after a few minutes fight. It was a sight!!

Then one evening- my wife and I were walking down this fishing pier in Englewood. It was full of guys who lowered lamps down to the water's edge. They would scoop up large shrimp as they neared and then use them for bait. It was pretty cool.
Nice report Partnership and way to get your kids in on the action. They are really nice pictures and ones you'll treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing and better days are coming
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Gotta luv it Guns, gotta love it :D
Nice pictures Tom, looks like everyone had alot of fun.

We will have your boat done and ready to splash in the early morning tomorrow.

Talk to you then.
Yo Tommy gunns! You and the kids look happy,and that says it all! ;) Glad you're getting in the line time with some nice results. It must be nice to be in the shorts and short sleeve mode :cool: See you on da Bay,soon it seems (for me anyway :D )
Thanks for the report Tommy. Looks and sounds like you and the family are having a great time.

How tasty was that snook? How did you prepare it?

How is the S.S. Partnership doing? Are you ready for some chunking?
That's awesome ,Tom
Great report, Tom! I'm glad you guys had a great trip. Those snook are fun to catch, that's for sure!
Great Trip Tom, Glad you got into them. Now you can come back and get the ones with more stripes. ;)
Because you can Guns...because you can ;)

Being the Kind sure does look like fun
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Thanks everyone- it was a blast!!!

Rotn-all thes questions- LOL
The snook was very good eating- but I didn't love the recipe I used- it was marinated in orange zest and orange juice with honey and fresh sage. Also had pecans and breadcrumbs. ust a little too sweet for my taste!

I am oh so ready for some chunking, my friend! The boat was supposed to go in toay- but will have to wait until Wed. See ya out there.

Sounds GREAT. Them is some happy looking kids.
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