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Finally got Launched

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I managed to get my boat launched today and went for a shaledown cruise.
Water temp at dock was 45 but managed to find some 50 degree water and some bass feeding in that pocket of warmer water
Landed 3 bass, 1 keeper at 27 1/2 along with 2 23" fish.
It should just get better from here on out
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Excellent! Congrats on the launch and the fish!
No it didn't, finally is still sitting in my side yard. :D :D
BW...Congrats on a nice first day on the water!
If you don't mind, were you using bait or
throwing artificials?
White bucktails with white worm worked REAL slow on outgoing
Thanks Willie - good news, you'll be seein me soon enough...I fish the backwater off my kayaks and have seen you several times over the last few years. Nice launch day!
Thanks for the report Willie...always a good one!
Good Job Willie! Figured you'd be on em soon enough.

Don't forget to let me know when we can get together this Spring.

Good luck!
I should be in sat or sun, see ya soon
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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