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Finally got one!!

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Hello Fellow Barners, I don't get to post much because most of the time I don't have much to say.But Monday night I finally got my first striper from land. What an incredible feeling. I've caught them on a boat before but theres nothing like bringing it in and having to work with it til you bring it ashore. I was so excited I was shaking.I was a little over 30 inches. Man was that fun!! I love to just read the stories everyone else post, but here's my 2 cents today.
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Congrats, what did you catch it on plugs or bait.
I'll never forget my first plug caught striper from the surf. What a feeling.
Again nice job!

By the way,
Stop shaking you'll scare the rest of the fish.

That's Great, Congrats,,,

You are really HOOKED for Life Now..

Your are right,there is nothing more
exciting then landing a Bass off Land...........

Thanks For Your Story.....And I Wish You
Many More.....
Congrats on the first one. It doesn't matter how many you catch, they'll always get you excited. The only difference is you won't shake as much.

Sort of like the first time you..... :D ;)

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Congratulations Fisherofmen !

Dave Isanski
Congrats, you now officially have "Striper Fever". Wait till the fall and you won't get any sleep......

Best of luck and keep at it ;)
Congrats Man! :D Now you'll never want to return to the boat! :D
TSStriper sorry I didn't get right back with this reply ,but I caught it with shedder crab and I actually had 2 other run offs and about a 22 incher. As for the rest of you guys, I know I'am hooked and have already started those nights of very little sleep. I don't use plugs because I really don't know what to use or how to use them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
there is nothing better than having a striper crash a popper. I go to Montauk for a week every fall and probably don't sleep more than 2 hours a day. The rest of the year I boat or jetty fish. Caught my first one on a popper about 30 years ago, and every one still gets me pumped like the first. (Wife thinks I need therapy)
Originally posted by Fisherofmen:
I don't use plugs because I really don't know what to use or how to use them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You just want to get a collection of BOMBER
Lures to get you started....
Great for Fishing the Surf and Backbays
Day or Night..
They Look Like This:

I like Black one's for fishing at night
lighter colored one's for daytime...
Fish them with a Slow Retrieve,either steady
or with a twitch....

Good Luck,,, The Next Best Thrill with Bass
are when they attack a Plug your fishing with...

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Fisherofmen - Congrats! I keep telling my friends it's so much better catching them off the beach. I mainly use poppers off the beach in Cape May Point. Wait till you catch one using a popper, it's a great feeling.
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