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First Boat

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I am looking to get my own boat. Something small (20'ish), bowrider or cuddy. I have 3 kids so I want to primarily use it in freshwater, and maybe salt here-and-there ;) , something trailer-able. Not quite sure when I am gonna shell out the money...could be months to a year or two. Just doing homework. What places do you fellas recommend? I live in south jersey. Able to spend anywhere around $30,000. (Less preferrably) Would prefer New, but used is also an option.
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Check out & any others. I looked for over a yr. til I found what I wanted (used).
Check out & any others. I looked for over a yr. til I found what I wanted (used).
Red- "I" don't need to, I know a pretty lady who does though. ;) ;) ;)
buy a 50 post or a 56 foot buddy davis and ill mate ur boat for free
My husband and I have our boat posted on and 1991 24'grady white with hardtop. 200hp johnson motor, runs great in the water for test run. Electronics included, walkaround cabin with portapot. Asking price $24,000 or best offer. email us at [email protected] or call 856-935-6928
Im selling a used one too, but not you you! Only because I think you would do better with something else.
I would buy a smaller boat at first and learn the differences between boats before you buy a new one or spend anywhere near $30k (unless you can spit $30k without blinking!) Various boats and makers offer different advantages for different uses. Would even suggest you rent a few to try them or find a few friends with boats and get familiar. Try to take the kids or whomever you might usually take with you so you see how the "family" fits and communicates with the various boats.
When you know what you want, where to get it will be more evident!

Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
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