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I was in the middle of posting this when the BassBarn went ?off the air?:

I had kayak fishing on my mind when I stopped at the Root Beer Barrell Surf and Kayak shop in Brigantine. Barrell has the best price on the Hobie Mirage Outback and his knowledge of fishing from a kayak is priceless. While Barrell was rigging my kayak with some basic necessities, I pumped him for as much information as I could.

Early Tuesday morning (7/12) I had my first sea trial. I launched near the Absecon public ramp at 3:30 AM, crossed Absecon Bay, hung a left and entered Steelman Thorofare. The drift was perfect for plugging the banks. Then I drifted and plugged the bank of Broad Creek to Mankiller Bay. I had to pedal while fishing Absecon Channel to Weakfish Island. I then put my fishing rod away and pedaled back to Absecon Creek about 8:30 AM. Total distance was 9.3 miles. While pedaling at a steady state, not trying to go as fast as possible, my GPS said my speed was 3.3 MPH.

Throughout the early morning the kayak was perfect. It pedaled and paddled effortlessly. The standard seat was comfortable and I had a dry bottom the whole trip. It was easy to fish, steer, and pedal at the same time. I liked the kayaks layout and storage areas. When I got back to the boat ramp, I paddled to a side area 200? away, loaded it into my pickup, and I was away in 3 minutes. No waiting for me.

No, I didn?t catch a fish, but it was beautiful on the water. I had the whole bay to myself. I wore only a T-shirt, bathing suit, cap, and water shoes. Off and a slight land breeze, kept the bugs away. When I was returning on the narrow Absecon Channel, everyone else was going out. Would you believe, all of them throttled down until I was safely past. Thanks! (maybe they were all Barners?)

I did post this on another site. I am glad the BassBarn is back!
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