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First Striper for Josh (age 4 1/2)

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Josh J. (age 4 1/2) caught this 28" on JD w/splash. His big brother Ian (age7) also had a great day catching 4 in the 25-27" range.

Gotta love when we see smiles like those! Way to go guys!


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Congrats to Josh and Ian!
Great pic.

Congrats Josh! Great job!
Nice pictures Mary!
AWESOME!! It doesn't get any better than that...
Awesome job Dad and way to go with the stripers boys!
i will never forget the times my dad took me fishing. he died of a heart attack ,so your trip is special and the boys will never forget fishing with dad and learning from him .so every trip out is special,keep on fishing and congrats to josh and ian .
Congradulations Josh! You make a fine fisherman!
Keep up the good work.
Good job Josh and family.
Stick with it.
Kids these days. I had to wait 24 years before I caught my first bass.

Nice fish. Cute kids. I hope they catch more like that.
now thats priceless!!!!! i had to wait 43 yrs.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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