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First Trip last year...

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Thanks to my boy Guns and his keen log keeping abilities below is a record of our very first trip last year. All indications are that this year will follow the same pattern so it shouldn't be long now, lets hope ;)

Here are the details of the first boat trip last year.

We fished on 3/25/03
We launched at Longreach and got called to #1 Buoy by Crazy Bill.

We had bloods and fresh herring.
We fished the bottom slack and the incoming.
All fish on small herring chunks.

1- 31" 9lbs
2- 31" 9lbs
3- 27"
4- 37" 18lbs.

We missed 5 other hits.
We were in 13 feet of water and the water temp was 43degrees.

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Thanks....It is always nice to what was going in the past years at certain times.

We have our reports from last year this time on our website, just scroll back to last years dates.

It really shouldn't be long from now, I know everyone is dying to get out there, we sure are, and I can tell you Skip is having some major withdrawl. Can't wait to get out there and make some some logs for this year!!
Jer this is what I pulled off of your site for the same time frame from last year. All indications are it just about time

March 25

We fished the incoming tide today and had 44.5- 46.2 degree water temperatures.We boated 11 stripers up to 32". All fish fell for a 1 oz. white bucktail mackeral combo. are really starting to slam that bucktail...Such a great feeling!

March 19

Well it was a nice day out in the rips today, with calm conditions, warmer weather and water temperatures around 42.5. Capt. Skip caught the first bass of the season, a nice 31 incher, on a bucktail with mackeral . We also had a couple other hits that were missed.

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