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Headed out this morning with the Russell Attanassio charter. Had some trouble getting our bait this morning with the strong easterly wind, but after some time had enough to go fish. The morning started off great with a nice pick of fish the first few drifts, then like a switch they turned off. Made a few moves and only had a few more bites for the rest of the morning. Ended with 9 keepers to 23 lbs.

This afternoon we had the Mike Suszynski charter out. With the strong wind still and wind against tide, we put out the plugs and was able to land 1 keeper and a miss a few fish. Once the tide was together with the wind we set up on some readings, but couldn't get a touch. Made a small move and landed on some fish that wanted to eat. The guys hung in there and managed to land their limit (12 fish) to 20 lbs and call it a day a little early.

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