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AM - Headed out this morning with Bob, Bob Jr, Charles, Steve, Karl and Steve. Made it threw the rain and after a few throws had all the bait we would need. Got set up and the guys went to work right away with a few double and triple hook ups with bass and blues. It didn't take long as the guys were limited out with their 12 fish by 840 and were releasing fish. Called it a day at 10 and headed to the barn. Total was 15 bass to 28 lbs and a ton of blues to 12 lbs.

PM - Had the Rico and Ray out this afternoon. After this mornings bite, we were able to get the guys down early hoping to beat the weather. Left the dock and headed right to where we left them, but after a few drifts had to go searching. Finally found some life and in a few drifts had the guys limited out and releasing bass and blues. The guys ended up with 8 bass to 26 lbs for the day (only keeping legal limit) and a bunch of blues.

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