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AM - Had the Chris Ryan charter out this morning. Got our bait in a few throws and took the ride. Got to where we had them the day before but unfortunately it was not our day. Drifted around for awhile and one had one fish come up and check out our bait. Took a short ride and put out the spoons to look around. Managed 2 keepers to 20 lbs on the spoons.

PM - This afternoon we hosted the Manny Vidal charter. Went right to where we got our fish this morning. Had a steady bite all afternoon, but alot of fish would come up and slap the bait around instead of eating. Managed to land 7 keepers to 34 lbs and a few monster blues. Highlight of the afternoon was watching 11 year old Nick catch three nice fish all by himself and also see Noah get his first striper at 34 lbs.

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