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Fishin with Doughboy

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I hooked up with Doughboy for a Fri night session. We got out at 7pmish and did some top water pluggin. By dark all we had to show for our effort were 2 misses. Luckily I brought a pack of frozen herring and from some reports I had heard from the morning we decided to set up at a local bridge. We set the hook nice and tight only to be told by the coast guard that we had to be 50' from the bridge, and that they would start ticketing in the near future. After resetting it wasn't long before we were getting constant action. We were using circle hooks and we missed a ton of our first runs because we were trying to hard to set a hook. Finally got the hang of letting them hook themselves. Some SLAMMIN sand sharks with some bass mixed in. First Bass came in at 30". A short time later a 33". Still missed a ton of fish in between them. I only brought 4 frozen herring and we made quick work of them. Doughboy got one shark that was probably the biggest sand shark I've ever seen. I had my foot on it's head and it tail whipped me in the face. ouch.
After the bai was gone we slip over to a nice little pluggin spot. Doughboy had a Black backed crystal minnow and I had a school bus. He quickly hooked up with a shortie and short time later got a nice 31"er. We ran some lights after that with no luck and then called it a succesful trip.
He a good guy and fun to fish with and is welcome abourd anytime.
(doughboy, sorry again about the wrong exit thing :confused: )

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I've just decided to do it again tonight.
Candyman, How's your herring supply? I'll tell you the spot for a bag of herring. I'm down to my last pack.
sharks, sharks, sharks, no more herring.
had a nice one on a plug, but he wrapped me on something and snapped me off.
Hey man, I had a great time and I'm up for a trip whenever you wanna go. I'm happy to hang out with good people.

Don't let him fool you when he says "we were gettin constant action" It was more like HE was getting constant action, while I ran around with the net! I was glad that I finally got into some fish that 'count' when we went to pluggin again and it turned out to be a great night after all those damn sharks.

Nothing bad could be said about the trip or the company. He knows the water well, is a cool guy, and I had a great time. Well, maybe one thing... he gives directions to take exits that don't exist.

Whenever you wanna go man, just give me a call and I'll come runnin. I'll be sure to bring a few packs to chunk with and some j-hooks.

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