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Fishin' With In Depth....10/22/04

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In Depth invited me along on a back bay excursion for some sod bank togging, and maybe some bassing. Despite the breeze, we set off from Brigantine and headed to the sod banks with our greenies.

The water was fairly roiled from the breeze and strong currents. We got the boat up against the bank and proceeded to fish. No bites from the boat, so we got on the sod and went in different directions for a few hundred yards. Neither of us had what we felt was a tog bite. The fish simply weren't biting. We headed to a different hole to try there. Same results. Just then, a rag bagger came by asking us for a ride to Trump after he anchored his boat. Craig was more than glad to help, and the guy seemed like he had a long day. He had sailed down from Raritan bay, losing his dinghy off LBI in the process. After we dropped him off, we went and got some eels. Headed to Absecon inlet and began to drift the snakes. Had no takers, and we didn't see anyone else with any takers either.

About that time, we decided to try the tog one more time as the current backed off. Still no tog action. The tide was now over the sod banks. With the breeze now cranking at least 20k, we decided to call it a day. It was a cold, nasty day out there.

Got the boat on the trailer, and Craig assured me he knew of a place that had some of the best crab bisque around. He wasn't lying. That was some good stuff!!~

Hey Craig, it was good fishin' with ya' and thanks again! We'll do it soon on the bass before the season is done!

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Glad you guys got out there.
better days...
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posted 10-23-2004 02:17 PM
Hey twin Dee's. Spots are great, but so are snapper blues and croakers......

Lets hope the bass cooperate.


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posted 10-23-2004 04:23 PM
Hey tigger,

I agree. I just keep taking pokes at the guys who, once north of the rips, are "strangers in a strange land".


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Hey Phil ain't that north of the rips???

You better stay in the Pond of Chessy
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My idea was to beat the wind by hiding behind a sod bank and tog fishing. Well sometimes what seems like a good idea just doesn't work out that way. The fish that were so easy on other trips just werent in any mood to eat yesterday.
It was totaly dead , not so much as a touch all day.
Today i got a call from a freind fishing the same area and there bailing them :rolleyes:
And thats why it's called fishing

How about that blow boater :eek: , That poor guy was realy rattled, i'm glad we were there to help .
His sail boat wasn't more then 20 or so feet long and he took the ride down alone in a nor easter from the hudson to brigantine cove with nuthing more then a 25 horse motor. He lost his dinghy off of lbi and couldn't get to land from his moring in the cove.
This guy has some real stones , enough to impress me and that ain't to easy. He obviously knew what he was doing cuzz he made it. Just the fact he could make that inlet at all in the shape it was in at the time is a testimant to his ability.
He was so happy to be off that sailboat he called my skiff bueatifull :eek:
I have to tell ya thats one word i have never heard used in the same sentance with my skiff :D LMAO

Phil , i think your wind estimates might be a little on the conservative side. lol
But we gave it our best and it just wasnt gonna happen under those conditions, No biggie ! Next time.

BTW I have the box of virginias with me.

Oh and guess what my wife found on the floor next to the tank this morning when she woke up :rolleyes: :D :D

[ 10-23-2004, 09:17 PM: Message edited by: In Depth ]
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Like I said yesterday, it was great getting out to a different area and using different techniques, fish or not. I had fun. Doesn't surprise me one bit that someone is catching where I got skunked yesterday.

John, I appreciate a guy with a sense of humor who takes like he gives. It makes for good comedy. :D I'll show you my SPOTS in the bay I swear. :D As Freedom once remarked , I may know more about the Chessy than my own home waters. :eek:
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Phil I'll never be accused of not being able to take what I give out. Plus its too much fun. ;) :D

Did Craig show you his scar like in JAWS. :D

where did you get that crab bisque?

i work in ac.
I told you there is a silver lining in your black cloud. HAPPY DAYS.

It's all silver now , i have a motor that runs ;)
forgot about that motor. Sweet! Gotta' actually look at that thing to see if it's runnin!
So thats a HAPPY thing!!!
Twin D's

Normally that spot is a "gimmie" when togging there with Craig. Sorry to hear it just wasnt happening for you guys.

And yes, the High Point's crab bisque is super stuff. They occasionally have a tomoato based maryland crab style soup which is also very good.
Oh and Phil:

If you want to try a REAL good soup make sure you try some of Indepth's own striper chowder, its sorta like a gumbo. GREAT stuff.
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