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Fishing/Crabbing around SIC

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for suggestions for a good fishing/crabbing spot around Sea Isle for tomorrow. I've got my own equipment, but figured on renting a boat either from Frank's down by the Deauville in Strathmere or Larsen's by Minmar Marine in Dennisville behind SIC. More than willing to travel down to Wildwood or up to OC if anyone knows of more productive areas there. Thanks.
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TI Guys,
Welcome to the BassBarn.Com,
Glad To Have You Aboard.....

I don't think you have to travel all that
far this time of the year for a more productive
It's Peak Crabbing Season and All Area's are
producing Crabs....

Best time tomorrow to anchor up in front of
any BackBay Marsh or Island would be early
in the morning.. You Have a In-Coming Tide
up until around 11:30-12:00 back behind SIC.
Bait up with stinky Bunker or any Fish Racks
or Chicken and pull those ropes...

Check out our Moderator Chunkings Post Today
in this forum Titled: I Got CRABS for some
great tips. And or Even Plan on Renting Out
One of His Boats for Crabbing If You Going
To WW...

Good Luck And Have A Great Day.....

Here Are Also A Couple of Links For Those
Whale Creek Marina/Strathmere
No Bones Bait & Tackle/Wildwood

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I't been a long time (15 years at least) but we used to load up on crabs behind OC and we would rent from franks and then go on the other side of the inlet, under the bridge and head back into those creeks. We would get 7 dozen crabs regularly.

You might want to stop by Franks or any other rental place and the return time and see how others fared. Most people will share the spots that they crabbed because they only rent a boat once or twice a year. Good luck.
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