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Fishing fla. Springhill area

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Going down to fla in may to visit. Thinking about doing some snook or red fishing maybe a tarpon. Who knows but were taking a guide outta ft. Meyers one day so iam thinking of dueing some night time or and early morning excurison. Any help would be appreciated. Were driving back up to my dads in spring hill. Maybe even some fresh water bass.
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Florida gulf

Hey I'm movng to Venice March 2nd, yup tomorrow. There is a greaat pier there.It would be great to fish it with a fellow barner.
Fish I've caught
Bull Reds,,,40,42,44 pounds
Tarpon 65 pounds
Black tip sharks
I hope we can wet a line together.:thumbsup:
How far is that from spring hill
Hey i have a couple friends down there i will be down there may 13th to the 19th . Were suppose to fish fort meyers area a couple days even looking for good guide to tarpon fish can you recomend someone.
Spring Hill

My in-laws spend the winter in Spring Hill, I have fished Tarpon Lake for largemouths there used to be a place to rent small boats there. I never fished the ocean there but the grouper are supposed to be plentifull an i know they are tasty.
Really should take two weeks to find the good spots. I know theres gotta be some good large mouth fishing around that area. Iam looking forward to it we will see what happens.trying to plan a few trips .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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