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Fishing for blues

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Anybody else out there love catching and
eating blues? Love the small ones on the pit
and the big ones smoked. I got into a blitz
last October on Island beach state park
and got em from 13 to 17 1/2 lbs. It was
awsome for about 2 hrs.:)
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Here try this reciepe.get acouple talore size ( 1 1/2 to 3 lb) filet if early season put filets in milk let stand in refrig for an hour or two .rinse milk off best you can.this will remove most unwanted oil and blood.put in a steamer with the water put onions cut up,crushed garlick, hot pepper ( cyan or what you like to taste.) also use basel and parsley ,mushromes steam till fish starts to flake remove from steamer.put aside drane the water and take the mix and make a heavey cream sauce and pore over fish .great with mashed potato's and stewd tomato's some people like mack and cheese better then potato's its your taste but the point is the fish dont taste like blue fish and most love it. the big difference is the milk. try this its a big change and I think one heak of a meal .let me know your comments on this meal and if you like it I have a great one for drome. Let me know maybe we can get a fish and game cooking thing going on hear .Next to catching then cooking comes nexts. Lets EAT and EAT GOOD :bow::bow::thumbsup:
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no mater what age you are, when ya get into them, they make ya laugh like a little kid

:) You got that right.

I've been fishing for more than
50 years and am like a kid in
a candy shop when catching.:D
Wow i never would of thought there were so many fellow bluefish lovers out there from all the angry striper fisherman i saw last season cursing them bc they got in the way of their bass :rolleyes:. Stripers or blues, i love catching them and eating them (even the dark meat!). Some of the best blue fish fun i had was when i was a kid fishing blitzes in Harvey Cedars. Havent fished a blitz since:(
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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