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Fishing in Maine...

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Going up to Maine next weekend and am looking to do some fishing. Staying in the Pittsfeild area. Is there anything to be caught up there this time of the year? I have 4 buddies who want to go and if anyone knows any good captains up there, please give me their contact information.
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Cod is closed until April 15th, so that only leaves haddock and pollock. As for haddock you are a little too far north but there should be plenty of pollock on Jeffreys Ledge as there is usually at this time of the year.

do you know any boats or captains in that area? I have 5 guys wanting to go.
I do not know any boats up in that area that are doing charters right know. All the boats I know are out of the water because of low demand at this time of the year.

Send me an email and I can set you up with a boat here in Gloucester that is still in the water and is pollock fishing a couple days a week. Also a very good boat.

Not sure where you are in Maine, but from Portland it's about a 1.5 hour drive and then a short ride to the fishing gruonds.
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