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Fishing Reports 8/21 - 8/31 2005

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Feel Free To Post Your Fishing Reports from
our Surrounding South Jersey Inlets,BackBays & Bridges....
By Boat or By Land- It's All Good....
Striped Bass,Weakfish & Bluefish etc...
As Much or As Little Information as you like
Even Skunk Reports are Ok...

Fair Skys and Light Winds...

Looks like a killer week at the shore...Anyone with time off this week picked a good one..
And with that should come some nice fishing conditions...By boat or by beach...
The moonlight becomes alot less visible as the week goes on,a shift in the winds will clear up the surf that has become thick with grass.The Rip Current Risk level is low becasue there are no active tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean,thats a good thing.
Light N-NE Winds are forcasted for mid-week.
And the water is warm, Uppers 70's in the surf and lower 80's in the backbays...

That being said I am going on Vacation ;)

Everyone Have A Great Fishing Week...
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A big zero for the weekend. Bounced a bucktail w minnow in the surf Friday evening. Fished the point at CISP at sunrise Sat morning. When fresh peanut bunker didn't work, tried gulp bait - nada! Went hand line crabbing from a sod bank south end of O.C Sat on the dropping tide...all undersize. Sunday morning caught one spot on a king fish rig in the surf. Hard to believe but at that point I was hoping a dreaded dog fish would bite :eek:
Saturday night my brother went out of Corson's into the back. After some snooping around he hit into some bass. All slot fish caught on plugs reeled slow just under the surface.

Thought I would post the report, good luck and tight lines.

LBI is thick with weakies by a popular lite and in the back, just about a fish with every cast. moving water was best 2 before and after the high. The fish were deep and a slow retrieve was the ticket. Blues also made thier presence known they were in the 1-2.5 lb range. Caught spot in the surf with a kingfish rig but no takers when I livelined it (just skates). This looks like a good week to get out weather wise. Good Luck...Jim
Had a good buddy on board and finally hooked a man up on my boat

Tonight, on a live shrimp

20.6 pounds, just a big ole boy

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Keep up the good work!!!
Sweet Snook! First fish I ever caught in Fla. when a young lad. They hit and run like a large mouth bass on steroids.

Brother in law reports an active day in the O.C. surf. Lots of King fish caught on Fish Bites followed by a wave of spike Weakies. Said he was catching one Weakie after another on a king fish rig using blood worm after running out of Bites.
For what it's worth: last Fri night at midnight the peanut bunker were stacked up thick under the lights at the bridge, south end of the island. Toss a net and you got three dozen. Maybe they're still hanging around??
RhinoScores - hope you're getting into them. :D
SNOOK?? :confused: WE GOT SNOOK?? :confused: WHERE :confused: know water is really warm this year but SNOOK :confused: Must be ninth st causeway :D

Squadrons on mullet on the move last night, cruising in tight formation along the banks :cool:
Went out last night at around 11. Boated 20 weaks 8 keepers up to 17" 7 bass up to 28" 2 blues and a few herring. There was some mullet cruiseing the bridge shadow line.
Behind OC.
fished greatbay 8/24. couldn't get outside. anchored up, chummed and caught everything for 2 hours. kingfish, blowfish, porgies( no keepers ),weakfish, bluefish and flounder. clam and herring strips were the hot baits. had my friends 9 yr old on board who had a blast. if you have kids to take, this is the way to go!
how's it goin fellas. went sod bank fishing for the first time tuesday nite with some friends for the first time . Loved it .Landed 2 weakies 1 striper . fished the bridge outside Ocean City. can anybody give me some other locations from Atlantic City on south.

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I took my first skunk on top water action last evening. Dead low tide didn't help.
Did manage the 1st Weakie on my boat in 2 years - all 14" of him!
is there any place to log on to to get water up-dates (wave heights, wind direction etc). I live out in n hanover twp and it's a ways to the ocean. I kinda like to know what's going on before I take the long ride.
thanks js
Originally posted by john schoch:
is there any place to log on to to get water up-dates (wave heights, wind direction etc). I live out in n hanover twp and it's a ways to the ocean. I kinda like to know what's going on before I take the long ride.
thanks js
Click on "Resources" at the top of the page...from there I think you can find what you want.
Yep, I agree, I really like BoatersBox up in the resources section...

And John Schoch,
Welcome to the BassBarn.Com,
Gald To Have You Aboard...

Enjoy the site...
All this time here and I never even knew it was there!
Tooled around there a little . When I clicked on the tide locations on the map nothing happened :confused: , no tide charts came up, and the Stevens Institute site came up but the Avalon surfcam would not come up :confused:
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Fished behind CM last week (family vacation) the weather was very nice, the fishing was not so good. Little bluefish were all I could do. I don't know what was wrong, but the fish were not in thier usual places.
Went out last night till dead low. Plenty of small weaks a few small bass. Behind OC
Went night before and had one of the best nights for weaks bass flounder herring and some blues. Had to wait till high tide falling to get the hot action.
We got out in the yak last night,a little out-going backbay action. We found pleny of bait under the lights.Swirling pods of Peanut Bunker,schools of Needlenose's slicing thru spearing and very small snapper bluefish also getting in on the frenzy..
We worked our White Fin-S-Fish and Pink Zooms deep
and caught some nicer Weakfish up to 22",2lb Blues were mixed in and even a 12"Striper...

Get Your Peanuts !!! They getting big and soon will be along the beachfront...
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