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Fishing Reports March1 to March 31

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Well we finally made it to that turning point where we feel like spring and the fishing season is just around the corner. With more warmer days sneaking in, you get the urge to fish or work on your boat. I still have about 3 weeks before my doctors say I should be back to 100 percent. I still feel like I have been run over by a truck, when I get up in the morning, but each day seems a little better. I am sure as I feel up to it I will try to get in a couple of freshwater trips, just so I can feel alive again.

April will come fairly fast and I am looking forward to the first early season striper trips in the boat.
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I’m recovering from yet another virus. Every time we get together with grandkids, seems like a new one shows up. This time sinus infection, with adjoining tiredness, headaches blah blah.

That said, it’s a minor thing, praying for a steady recovery for you Ray!
Was at the boat show Thursday, very few bay boats seen. Checked out the waverunners for a friend and am amazed that Yamaha is all sold out, almost the entire line, through this year! One or two in certain models are available from different dealers, but if you like a particular model, get in line.

Seadoo ships the waverunners without electronics, so that’s their bottleneck. Crazy, right?

Very few bay boats at the show, and the biggest engine I saw was an outboard 900hp! (Twin props on a single, stearable screw, the motor stays fixed and only the lower unit turns).

Show seemed smaller this year than years past. Listened to Jim H from the Fisherman mag talk on stripers and ran into the guy doing the seminar on Sheep and got some tips from him.

We had an issue with the engine end of last year that is tbd whether it was just gas, or the fuel pump, so we’re dropping it in prob in April and will see. If we have to get the fuel pump done, we might, but will be looking to repower likely this year. Nice 4 stroke 60’s are available for our skiff from all the major manufacturers.
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Still don’t have a good spot for crappies up here. Nice fish!
Had George Bucci speak at the club meeting last Thursday. Lots of good info and other than the spots he mentioned most of what he talked about I did when I was younger ( albeit without quite as much success as he’s had LOL). This was local SoftBank stuff. I never really have done the same level of ( shore ) fishing since I moved down here from Monmouth county, for a variety of reasons.

But it was interesting nonetheless.

I’ve been alternately sick or painting in my house, or both, for about the past month.

looking for some health, warmer weather and getting outside and fishing again… soon I hope
As an aside, I think about 80% of the passionate hard core striper anglers I know of are contractors.

probably why it’s so hard to get them to show up ;)
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