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It is the start of another month. It is suppose to be prime time for stripers. At least it use to be. It is hard to even imagine a good run anymore as the fish are just slow in moving down anymore with the waters so warm an no masses of bait fish to attract them. All I keep hearing is how great the fishing is up at Raritan Bay. The fish just seem to hang there till it gets cold and then they race down the coast in pretty much a straight line, which puts them about 12 miles off the Cape May beaches when they go by at the end of the month. Sure a few stragglers pass by in close enough to catch, but those numbers are so few compared to what we use to see and it is so late in the season most have pulled their boats out for the year.

I am too stupid to pull my boat early and will trying for the few that pass by close enough to catch. Mostly it is the super small ones that come in close. All we can do is hope a few decent ones come in by mistake. With past years declining it is hard to get too excited. I will be one of those idiots out there beating the dead horse till there is no life left in it. All we can do is hope we get a little shot.
Thanks for your insight. I'll be beating that dead horse also. mostly will be wreck fishing for tog but once again hoping they show up in southern cape may county.
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