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Went out Thursday behind Sea Isle with my cousin, wife and two daughters. It was my girls first trip as they are 4 and 2. We began to drift a channel and my daughters insisted on fishing with their rods. They have a Barbie kiddie rod and Tigger kiddie rod we got at K-Mart for about 8 bucks a piece. Wouldn't you know it my four year old Rachel pulls up a 2.75 fluke on the first drift (on the Barbie). On the second my two year old caught two throw backs on her Tigger rod.
We weren't out for too long as the girls got tired. When the girls stopped fishing my cousin and I (who were picking a few) began using the K-Mart rods in addition to our own - the kiddie rods far outfished our expensive outfits.
It was a great day on the water and a real treat to introduce my girls to fishing. We finished with 4 keepers and tons of throw backs. I can't wait to get out with them again - only next time I'll use the Barbie rod and she can use my Penn set up - Ha Ha!
Hopefully I will figure out how to post a picture of Rachel and her nice fluke.

Here is the picture

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