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flash teasers for stripers

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at the expo center i stumbled upon an interesting rig at one of the few saltwater booths, it was a long leader with a train of silver foil peanut bunkers on it with a trailing hook used for live lining peanuts or herring. I have seen things like this for teasers for offshore species. Anybody ever try these. I have heard of the company that makes them I just can't think of the name, I'll post later if I remember. BTW I didn't pick any up at the show because I was treated so rudely :mad: by the "gentlemen" working the booth, but I may order them online or something from another vendor because I'm curious about their performance./Any reviews?
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trophy teasers was the company that made the rigs
they were similar however they were printed to look like peanuts and there were only three b4 the hook otherwise very similar ;)
I'm gonna buy Biggestjack some for the Duke.

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I used them three times this summer and caught fish each time, the only thing is they fall apart easily and wind up peeling apart or slipping down the line and bunching up. The idea is good and they work but the cheap stickers and glue that holds them together probably need a few years of work. If you want to try them out it may be worth the money to give them a shot on a slow day but after one or two at the most good days they're trashed.
a guy selling 3 flat foil fish stuck to a line had the unmitigated gall to treat someone rudely? i hope they work great for all involved, but if someone pulled one out of their box i would soil my drawers in hysterics, similar to what i just did.
I'd hate to use them when there are bluefish around. They will shread that thing. I've seen guys use teasers on jigs and loose the jig when a blue hits the teaser and makes a mess of it. If there are no Blues around looks like it should work.
was he one of the bigger vendors? i was treated the same way by a guy that was running the display with all the rods and reels. He was a total jerk, I ended up buying the rod and reel that I had wanted, spent $200 just to spite that jerk, and give the sale to his competitor.
You can have them for free by stringing together computer discs found in any big store that sells computer supplies string them together about 12/14" apart and follow up with a big bunker spoon or stretch lure of your choice!

ie. aol 6/0 7/0 etc the print on one side will come off after a few tows in the brine. Mike
Bluefinn.....already doin it with the junk cd's. We glue two together with the label side in. But we have a different application for em. Can't say right now....stay tuned later. They should work fine for flashers. Lots-o-colors :D
it was the large vendor with all the rods and reels - he was a real jerk. I was standing in front of him trying to get his attention, he was a real jerk. Guys could you gimme some more info on the cd's how do you string them etc.
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