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Hello Gents,

Well it is that time of the year again. I towed my dad's boat down to Marathon from New Jersey last week and we finally got out fishing today. We tried the bay on Sunday afternoon, but after 1 hour with out a single nibble, we called it a day and thrashed our way back to the dock. Yesterday the weather was horrible with a strong cold front with heavy rain that pushed through here around noon, so the boat stayed tied to the dock.We took a ride down to the 7 mile bridge and watched the front charge across the bay...some old timers from Missouri were catching mangrove snappers from the wall at the base of the bridge, so I guess the cold snapp did not kill off all of the them.

We got out today despite the forecast 15-25 out of the N-NW, which was right on the money. We tried some rocks in Hawk Channel about 2.5 miles off the beach but between the wind and the 3' waves, we could not keep the anchor hooked...we tried several other spots with the same results. We finally ended up about 1/2 mile off the large flat outside Key Colony Beach fishing in 9-14' of water. The conditions were bearable and the anchor only broke loose 5 or 6 times, but finally grabbed on something enough to hold us steady. We had pretty good action on small bottom fish and we had a good selection of grunts, snappers, 4 different species of grouper (nassua, gag, reed & black) and I landed 3 different types of shark (bonnet head, sharpnose and blacktip). It was pretty good action on light tackle and the 18" gag grouper that my dad caught on a little spinner gave him quite the tussle..the forecast for the rest of the week is not much better, but I will try to catch something every day as before I know it I will be flying back north to freezing temps and freakin snow. Here are some pics from today, which despite the hinking wind, was a beautiful day.

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