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Fluke fishing up North Jersey/ New York

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I fished with about 8 guys from work on a 45 foot sport fisher out of Staten Island on Saturday. One of the guys dad's boat. It was a beautiful day and the action was hot from the minute the hooks hit bottom. We fished all day and between all of us we boated at least 100 fluke. The keeper ration was about 1 out of 5. I personally caught all shorts but we pulled some nice ones out ranging from 25, 24, 23 and a couple 22's with more than few over 17 1/2. Most don't eat fish so alot of keepers went back. A few skates and some of the biggest sea robins I have ever seen. We had a blast out on the water. We drifted from Sandy Hook lined up on the towers. That was what the capt said anyway, maybe someone more familiar with the area knows what I mean. It was one of those days that I read about on the Barn but hadn't experienced before. Feels good to post a report finally.

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Nice GSBB,,
Thats one you will never forget,,,

Thanks For Sharing.,,,
Thats a preety common trip lately off sandy hook. I'm dragging my little boat there tomorrow. Fluke fishing in South Jersey is very poor by comparison. Thanks for the report!
nice report GSBB, glad you got into the fish
nice report ..guy...sounded like you had a great time
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