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Well today had Joey(Of Sea Hunter fame) Out on my boat TNT for a season ending Fluke Bash.... as we BOTH gave the flat bastards a final kick in the a$$ for 2004......

Started in Raritan Bay in the reach channel with a live well full of peanuts, and we were quickly mugged by Head boats competeing for the channel at buoy #4.......

Couldn't take it so made the move out to Sandy Hook Channel between buoys #3 and #5 and had fish on as soon as we hit bottom..... Worked an area about 75 yds long and continually picked fish on the slack and incoming tides this afternoon.... Called a buddy in on the action .... he gave it an honest shot and actually bailed on it just a little to soon.... We were then all alone swinging keeper flatties, some blues, and a few C-bastages......

Awesome day and way to end the fluke season for us with a 2 man limit + assorted others....... Its now time to break out the EELS baby

here is Joey with 2 nice specimens

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