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Many of you remember the NJOA "R.O.O.R. Rally" (Rescue Our Outdoor Rally) that helped to sweep Chris Christie into office last year. Those who were there will remember ROORY, our lion mascot. ROORY made his presence known with a thunderous roar as each speaker was introduced to the crowd and he even escorted Chris Christie to the microphone!

Now, ROORY is back with something new to roar about. It's an offer to join NJOA and receive a FREE copy of the book "Color the Green Movement Blue." It's the book that tells the dramatic story of the founding of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance. It includes a behind the scene look at the trials and tribulations of a bunch of folksy outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen that made their presence known by uniting and unseating two well-financed politicians.

The book, which normally retails for $19.95, is yours FREE with your one-year membership. More importantly, your membership in the NJOA helps to defend and promote your freedoms to fish, hunt and trap. Now, that's a deal all of us can roar about!

Just click on the link that follows and scroll down to find ROORY the lion. (Hint: ROORY is in the yellow box.)

Then click on ROORY and he'll lead you to the membership page with this limited-time offer.

Thank you.
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