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Free striper seminar

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Barners,there is a free striper seminar by Bill Dononvan on fishing the Del bay. This is free and should be pretty good,here is the place and date Fri March 3,2006
Fraternal or of Eagles
920 Trenton Rd
Fairless Hills Pa
Start time is 6:00 pm till ?
There will be some booths and gear there,a great way to spend Fri nite.
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dang rigth now i'm just down river from there tulleytown, shame i'm working
i plan on attending.
Guys, this is a really neat event. It doesn't look like much until you walk in an there's 700+ people milling around!

Definitely bring the kids - they WILL walk out of there with all sorts of free stuff like rods, reels, tackle boxes, lures, rigs, etc.

My seminar will be on Bunker Chunkin Bass.

The Hemlock Rod n Gun Club does an awesome job on this!
Im going since im new to the sport...cant wait to get there.Is there any where around there that you can spend the night,that anyone knows of,....thanks Guys.Is there a sign up fourm,or something,im going to take my dad with me.
I am a regular there and it is growing every year. Come check us out I'm across from Slammer tackle ;) I was there last night setting up for this event. We may have a few surprises for the guests. :D ;)
Man, the wife and I have plans for the evening, I would have liked to be there.
Nice job by all last night, great group of older gentelmen run this event :D
and they do an excellent job. Bill D. did a great presentation and said a few things that made me laugh and are so true. :D ;) Next trip out chunkin I will opefully improve my catch ratio :D :D

Mike good seeing you this year I was in costume and alot of people didn't know who I was with the new uniform :D :eek:
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Nice meeting you last night didnt know we lived so close to each other small world. Sorry I missed Bills seminar had to leave early.
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