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Ristori: Freedom to fish act gains support

Friday, March 26, 2004

Star-Ledger Staff

The Freedom to Fish Act, sponsored by Rep. Jim Saxton (R-NJ), is making progress in Washington as seven more representatives have signed on as cosponsors, including Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ).

The Freedom to Fish Act would establish reasonable, scientifically-based standards that must be met before any more marine protected areas (MPAs) could be established in federal waters with a no-fishing proviso. As noted by Jim Donofrio of the Recreational Fishing Alliance: "History has shown us that marine fisheries problems need to be addressed on a year- by-year basis -- not by creating blanket no-fishing MPAs as some radical environmental groups would like to do. The Freedom to Fish Act recognizes this and would allow fishery managers to get to the real sources of overfishing." Anglers should encourage their congressmen to join in this effort to prevent large areas of ocean being closed to recreational fishing.

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Freedom To Fish Act
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