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This was purchased I believe in 01 or 02.

This crossbow has a 165 or 175 draw. Shoots 300 FPS.
The pull cable was replaced in 06. The cam cables were never replaced.
I took it to a shop prior to this season and the shop said they still looked good.

I have a brand new pull cable(if thats what it is called) that goes with it.

I was going to send the front end back to ten point were they replace all the strings ,cams ,and limbs if neccessary for 150 bucks.

I have 2 crossbows so I just decided to sell 1.

This comes with a soft case.
3 bolt quiver.
4 very new ten point elite bolts (this yr)
6 misc practice bolts (will be close but not like above)
The 4 elite bolts have ready to go nap spitfire broadheads.
silencer on the bolt retension spring and the silencers on the limbs

There is a millet red dot scope mounted on it now.

This crossbow has served me well ,even this year killing quite a few.

250 bucks as is.

If you are interested I have a ten point multi dot scope I will throw in for 50 more only with the purchase of the bow.
the scope is also for sale for 75$

AGAIN I strongly recommend getting the service done and you will be almost new!

[email protected] or 215 479 6703
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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