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Fuel Tank Cleaning?

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Anyone know where I can get my tank cleaned or can I do it myself? After having fuel issues this past summer I think I need to clean out my tank. It is a 120 gal gas tank. What would it cost to do if I drained the tank myself? Thanks
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I had Sea Tow come out and do mine last summer after a number of what I thought were E-10 issues. I could not believe the amount of gunk, water, sludge and particulate that came out of there! You'll need to have access to the senders and a couple of hours to kill. They can either polish (filter) the fuel/tank or dispose of the fuel for a charge. There is also a charge for how many filters they use.
My issue is with the carb needles getting hung up with debris. I have added a racor but still having issues so I think I need to get rid of about 80 gallons of bad gas and clean the tank. I have access to the sending unit, I'm probably going to pump out the fuel myself and give it to my inlaws for use in the tractor. I'm looking for someone to clean the tank. the boat is on a trailer so I can go to whoever.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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