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Furuno 72 mile radar unit

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I have a 72 mile furuno FR7100d open array radar. Here are the specs for the unit which was used on the old Chum Stain. It was working perfectly when removed, the array was left on the boat the unit was stored in my shed. The array & cable were removed not cut.
Standard Features
  • 12" Diagonal Green Phosphor CRT display
  • 10kW Transmitter
  • 10 Range Scales from .25 to 72 n.m.
  • Linear Receiver with 6dB Noise Figure
  • 4 Levels of quantization
  • Tune Indicator
  • VRM and EBL
  • Backlit control touchpads
  • Provision for display of Waypoint Mark and Steering Line (lollipop)
  • Radar Alarm
  • Target Trail plotting
  • Complete Off-Centering or 2x Target Zoom
  • Echo Stretch
  • Parallel Cursor Lines
  • Trackball for precise and rapid cursor control
  • Direct on-screen readout of Position, Speed and waypoint information
Power Requirements
  • 10.2 - 40 VDC, 80 Watts
Entertaining offers, this is not a small unit and the array is 6ft. it would make any center console look like an airplane :D
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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