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G.E. inlet yesterday=another cherry popped!!

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Took a buddy out yesterday morning for some pre-game fishing. Picked up a couple dozen clams and headed out around 7:30am. Got to the inlet and saw a sizable fleet drifting around. I found a nice spot and dropped the hook. We tossed out the clams and sat back and enjoyed the fabulous weather. Not long after, I got a SCREAMER, but failed to hook up :confused: another 15 min and my buddy gets his shot, but comes up empty as well. Then the tide decided it was thru. I took a ride down the beach, out a bit, and basically in circles. no birds. We jigged when I marked fish, but nuthin. Things were looking bleek. I decided to go back to my original plan. So we went back to the spot I set up before and set up at the begining of incoming. Throw the clams out, turn radio on, sit back and watch the fleet drift by. I didn't see a single hook up. Then i look at his rod tip and see it bounce slightly. Oh-no, trash fish. Then the line starts heading by us :confused: I tell him to reel the slack and set it. Bang!! fish on. Now he's never gotten a keeper before, just rats, and I can tell this is a decent fish. It wants to go, but he wants it in now. He starts reeling against the drag, so I go into coaching mode. I tell him to relax and enjoy the fight, the fish will come in when it's ready. I guess I better say now, that I have NO NET! he get's it boat side, I reah over and grab it by the gill and flip it in. Later it was weighed in at 28lbs. Nice first keeper. He was screamin pretty loud, and I had to tell him to be quiet, so he didn't draw anymore attention then we already had. I figure I better check my bait, but when I start reelin I feel somethin tugging. After a short fight I boat a 27"er. A half hour later he gets the same weird, light hit. He waits, then drops the hammer. Another nice fish hooked up. This time he plays it like a veteran. We get a look, OH-SNAP!! It's bigger than the first one. Get it boat side, I grab the leader and reach down to grab it and the hook pops out and wraps around my thumb. The biggun swims away. He starts cursing , really, really loud. I just start laughin. The quietly he says " when we get in, I'm buying you a net" I look arond and we have some attention now. Guy drops the anchor near by and throws out clams :rolleyes: 10 min later my reel starts SCREAMIN!! I hook up, not large, but respectable. I get it boatside and it comes unbuttoned. that's ok, was gonna let it go anyway :D We had 2 clams left and it was close to noon, so we packed it in. A really great morning. I enjoyed watching him get that fish more than if I had gotten it myself. He couldn't take his eyes off it in the boat. I was just laughin at him. Once we got in he sai, " Now I understand what the fever is, and I got it." were goin again this week.
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Great story and nice fish!!! Just hope the striped ones hang around for a few more weeks so I can get another shot at them.
nice eel,great to see you are gettin into the meat.well my log says that this time last year i was in a 17 foot skiff and into some big blues and stripers under birds ;) this time i bring my fly rod :D :D good fishing ,matt
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