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Garmin GPSMAP 2006 GPS Receiver (Monochrome)

Included is the GPSMAP 2006 & it's Protective cover only. This does NOT include the antenna, cables, mouting hardware, Bluchart data card or GPS # for any "spots" ;) The additional items you will need to make this a complete unit are all very much availble (except for the GPS #'s). One place to look is

I used this unit while trailering my boat. It's always been kept in doors...unless of course when I was fishing
It's in excellent "like new" condition. Not a single scratch on the LCD display and not a touch of corrosion anywhere. It works like a champ and it's in mint condition

Download Owners Manual
Download Installation Manual

For additional information on the unit Click Here

$450.00 Anyone interested please reply here in this thread.

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