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GE inlet

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Last year i was blessed to keep the boat in Cape May...this year...i'll be in GE. I assume that inlet was messed up by the 5 or 6 noreasters we got this winter? Does anyone know if there will be dredge-work done on it this spring/summer? Gotta finalize my slip decision soon

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ok well heres the deal with ge.....
first of fm tuna said the north cut by the rockpile is gone
i ran through there around dec 20 or so at low tide and had 4 feet
however after these storms that area is now a beach
they are dredging the main channel so hopefully it shouldnt be ttht bad come spring
i tell u one thing...tht damn bend tht is in the channel now really throws me off sometimes it was way easier when it was a straight shot through there
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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