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GE inlet

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Last year i was blessed to keep the boat in Cape May...this year...i'll be in GE. I assume that inlet was messed up by the 5 or 6 noreasters we got this winter? Does anyone know if there will be dredge-work done on it this spring/summer? Gotta finalize my slip decision soon

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Thanks all - about what i figured.

...Joe - i have a 31ft north coast. I'll be keeping it at Sea View harbor. My family loves the facilities there and i like the 24hr fuel dock. ...but that inlet is interesting. I was up there 2 yrs ago and remember sitting just offshore of the first green bouy and watching waves break on the wrong side of the can. yeah - the whole idea of running out there at night does not thrill me .

I always carefully mark all of the bouys and markers, as well as take careful compass headings and time the runs between markers...radar helps too.

trouble see those breakers in places they shouldn't be during the day and you have a hard time getting it out of your head as your creeping out of there at night.

...i've never tried sneaking out alongisde the rocks on the north side...always used the main channel. there enough water for me to sneak out that way? i draw 32" technically, i need at least 32.1" to make it - realisitcally, 5-6feet in calm water would be needed before i'd try it

thanks for all the input guys. Looking forward to Spring

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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