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Any suggestions for gear, tackle that works? I use plugs, but not sure what really works other than the black & purple. I'm fed up with getting skunked!
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First Welcome to the BassBarn.Com,
Glad To Have You Aboard.....

Second, What exactly is your target ?
Species,Times,Tides etc.. ?
By Boat or off the Shore ?


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Bass, but blues are so much more fun!
I can only go at night, though.
I want something that works- plug, lure, popper, whatever...Thanks for replying!
This time of the year the Bass bite is a tough one.Warm water either chases them out of alot of local backbays spots or there is just so much bait available they are just not on the feed every day...Finding cooler water and or using live bait is the key..
I target either snapper blues and schools of weakfish this time of the year for more consistent action during the night. Find a spot that has some lighted structure (Bridges) and work a small leadhead/jig with some soft plastic
baits in assorted colors.My favorite is Fin-S-Fish in white and Zooms SaltySuperFluke in Pink.
Now if you find Bass busting on bait, any type of surface popper should draw strikes..And I never go fishing in the dark without a small Black/Purple Bomber which you said you have had succcess with..
Another key factor especially if you are fishing off land,is to time you fishing trips to the out-going tides, the later the better. Alot of our waterways are dealing with some major boat and ski traffic this time of the year and it take some time after dark for things to quiet down and turn the fish back on...

Good Luck,,,
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I mainly use small 1/8oz bucktails with a worm this time of year. Various colors but mostly white or black.
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