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Oct 3rd
air temp morning 48, high of 70
Water temp, low 50, highs 65.5f

Using a 1/16th oz jig and a 2" Epic Bait Molds Slick Swimbait in a green/chart color, I slayed all 3 species. have caught a bass and hooked a pickerel too, but the bass was a dink and pickerel popped off. Overall, it was a great day, even though it was a blue bird sky day. Bass folks were having trouble bass fishing, but the panfish played nicely in 4-5 ft of water by a wind blown cove with a point. they even congregated outside of the cove later on, but not too far away. My brother and I probably caught over 100 that afternoon. The morning was a bust as we tried the upper lake in the back creeks and channels. too early for that!

Enjoy the video for the action!

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