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goin to belmar again tmrw

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ok so im goin again this time i got a bunker bucktail, squid, and gulp sandwrms and gulp fish, i plan to get sum fresh bunker, r there still stripers and blue out in the inlet
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Fished the Capt Cal on Saturday..........caught 2 keepers, one real nice fatty...22" and one about 17".....a couple of throwbacks....boat did okay, everyone at least caught a fish or two, some better than others! The drift was real fast, needed 8oz in the morning then 12+ in afternoon, best day in a while according to the mates, must be slow. Seems like when you can get a nice drift the fish will cooperate! Good day, but HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
only caught skates while drifiting along shore, the waves where rough
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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