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Hmm... So what winds are good for fishing, and do they have other relating factors?

Could someone adjust the following list, so I can get the big picture:

Northwest: Good/Bad, Why?
North: Good/Bad, Why?
Northeast: Good/Bad, why?
East: Good/Bad, Why?
Southeast: Good/Bad, Why?
South: Good/Bad, Why?
Southwest: Good/Bad, Why?
West: Good/Bad, Why?


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All Winds in different directions have their
moments good & bad,alot depends on the
time of the year and your location you are

In the spring I like S & SW Winds To Warm up
our waters and to get the fish active again...
W Winds Makes Our Beaches/Surf Flat.....
N & NW Winds in the Fall Lower Our Water Temps
and gets fish to become more agressive....
E & NE Winds Push Bait and GameFish Closer To Our
Shores/Beach/Surf etc...

Its really just one of many factors in the
grand scheme of things..
It really doesn't matter to me what the direction
is as long as I am fishing...I Adjust To It....

I do not like any winds above gale force (25+)
like last Wednesday............... :-(

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Wind direction is critical for surf fishing with Lures, NW or NE front usually best. Someone made a good post about bait swimming into wind.

In the back a strong wind usually spells bad conditions which in turn means slow fishing. NW will blow out tide, so outgoing can be good, but usually comes back cold dirty and grassy. NE will blow extra water in, like it did recently and you seen the reports take a nose dive.

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