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Got my tags, question on the log, can it screw us?

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I would be very hesitant to fill out that log especially if the fall is anything like the spring was my log would have been not typical. Lots of Stripers, some very big fish. I can see them taking that log and saying that this must be the normal for every angler and "averaging" it out. I think I should put down my 50-80 hours fishing and "0" fish.

Just curious on your opinions because it took me at least five years to become confident on the surf and I've been doing well but nothing like last spring.

I know that isn't right but like 2 years ago when the whole fall season was a blowout and they said we took more harvest than the previous year that wasn't right either. It was made up BS. Why fuel their pathetic made up numbers? So they can screw us more? That log is scary. I can see guys wanting to fill it out with great accomplishemts of great catches and bam! It's like we all catch like that. How about the hours and hours and money spent on no fish?? Do we log that?

Any opinions? How are the logs used? Against us? BTW, my brothers and I released way more than we took, do we record that? Guess I should read the damn thing. :D

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the log is suppose to be filled out for all your fishing trips, On the days that the big skunk is there, I just put the location and 0 fish caught, Joe.
Always put the skunk report on the log
There is a spot for "LENGTHS OF S.B. RELEASED" in the middle. I skunked out the entire fall last year - I kept putting off my trips to Delaware Bay until the oil spill and then just called it a year after that. You can't go wrong giving accurate information for each trip you make regardless if you fill the box or goose-egg.
there not used by the mrfss, but look at it this way.

If you report a great season, your concerned their gonna use it against us by thinking everyone did great, thus taking too many fish, resulting in stricter regulations.

On the flip side, if everyone were to report nothing caught, then it looks like the fishery is crashing and it could result in stricter regs. Or worse yet, their confident in the population but think the recs arent utilizing it to its fullest and give the comm sector more fish.

Bottom line IMO is to tell it like it is, good or bad. At least let the managers look at some actual accurate data in regards to the fishery. I think they should use it in making decisions since it has to be way more reliable than the dreaded fictional MRFSS.

I fish mainly Mullica river & keep log of all spots for bass caught with map,send this in every year as it may help them with the tagging program at rutgers.
Have seen decline in larger bass in the last 3 years in the months of june july & august.
I tell the truth on the logs. We can't on the one hand complain about MRFSS while simultaneously falsely reporting our own results.
Thanks for the replies and opinions. What if the MFRSS was unsing it? What do they use? I talk to a lot of anglers and the avaerages don't add up. Where is the data for the bonus program? It is goverment run and should be public knowledge. Where can I see the numbers?

I put in a few hours this weekend off the beach. Not a touch. Some sharks and big rays on bait. Won't be long though. Come on cold fronts.

The less you tell the government the better. Sooner or later they will screw us. How can you trust what they do with our info when we do not get full disclosure even when we try to press the issue?
if they know we are lying - they will screw us more
If you participate in the program, you'll know it's only YOUR catch that gets recorded, not the boat's catch. And if you are in the program, you have agreed to follow the rules. Under report if you want to, put that too may screw everybody in the long run.

With BFT, any fish not "fully utulized" was given to the commercial sector to harvest; we conserve so they can kill. Do you know what that means? For years hundreds of tons of BFT were incorrectly killed by the commercial sector because re did not catch(ie REPORT) our allocated portion.

And let's face it how many people don't call in their catches??? NMFS made the stupidest statistical error of all time when they ASSUMED that they would have 100% registration and reporting.

These records are going to the state not NMFS. And to me NJ seems to be doing a better job than the feds. I suggest everybody report properly....
well said re-bait!
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