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grassy sound report i know its late but what the hey

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i dont post that much no time but i did go out this past sat. grassy sound fished from 2:00 - 9:00pm had 2 small ones 1 was 19 1/4 and the other one was 23" also had one run off did not hook up i know it had to be bigger then the other going to try this weekend. o used eel plugs and clam strip.
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Im going out there on Friday night. As long as the weather is nice.
you going to be in a boat or on the bank
i was on the bank had to put my boat away i wish i could of keep it out for a few more weeks
They're out there. Caught a 30"er off my dock on Sunday with clam.
whatevermakesyouhappy...welcome to the barn and nice fish too! Which house is yours in Grassy Sound? I love it back there. Nice people. Its like a big family.
Thanks for the welcome Good'. Everyone seems to know the " school house" looking property that's been under construction/destruction for the past 14 yrs.....well, heading towards the big bridge, I am 4 houses up. The one with the palm trees. I love it there also, been going there for 22yrs and fishing those waters alot. Rarely go anywhere else, as No Bones Fred says " people pass by alot of nice fish in Grassy on there way to the bay" So thanks for the welcome, love the site.
Do you have a boat whatevermakesyouhappy? I have a 17ft lucraft. We'll have to do some fishing out there!
Whatevermakesyouhappy...I see your boat out there all the time and have always loved the name. Also wondered about the the sory behind the name. Figured the wife said "Whatever makes you happy" and you went out and bought the boat? I'll be out there this weekend...I've got a 20' Seacraft (no name yet), T-top flying the Jolly Roger. See you out there and welcome.
Whatever.... that 30" bass you caught was the little one I released by your house on Sat. night. welcome aboard the Barn. Maybe now you'll learn how to catch fish. Actually, it has been real slow in Avalon Manor so my partner (Tommy Troller) & I fished down by your way (Turtle Creek) on Tuesday and got 4. Early morning bite on pink and white bucktail tipped with Gulp strips.
Pretty close on the name anthony cal, it was more like what my mother-in-law said to her hubby when he showed her a house at Grassy Sound and just had to have it. That was 28 yrs ago and every boat since then has bared the name.Good luck fishing, they're right there under the boat.
whatevermakesyouhappy, welcome, i grew up in west deptford, class of 81
Just wanted to say welcome aboard. You will love it here.

Love that SIG!!!! That's the only reason I read this bb everyday!
Can't make it down this weekend....fighting with ins. adjusters and salvage guys over my boat. Just more fish for the rest of you. Ha ha ha ( right, maybe 1 more ) Looks like it's going to be a nice one.
Whatever we fished the creek right near the house falling down this morning from 9-12 or so. Had one run off and that was it. Some arse came and anchored right off our stern. It can only get better in the coming weeks. Wish I had a place like yours. Those lights must really draw some fish in.
Fish4life, lots of fish go through that channel. You're right, we have those lights on and sometimes it's like an aquarium....blues,weaks, stripers.....all kinds flashing through. Going to try to get down this weekend and fish off the dock .
Yeah they do your lucky on your side seems to not be as bad as the other side with grass and stuff. I still dont think its as good as its gonna get. We have water temps of 57.3
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